"Until technology is at the stage where printed material no longer exists, there will be a need for posted documents"

MiPost Postal Services has evolved over recent years as a result of McLays continually ensuring customers get the best possible deals when it comes to sending out posted items.

Significant cost savings can be made using a broad range of MiPost services, including:

  • Downstream Access (DSA) - sortation of post before it goes to the Royal Mail for final delivery, offering cost reductions in postage
  • Hybrid Mail - the ability to send printed letters directly from your PC
  • Post room audit - review current processes and suggest potential improvements
  • Consultation - analysis of production and pack types for costs and VAT implications
  • Data cleansing - various systems to cleanse data and ensure format is compliant with Royal Mail's strict guidelines to achieve optimum discounts
  • Mail consolidation - low volume mailers also benefit from cost reductions
  • Collection flexibility - collection routes are constantly reviewed often allowing later collection times to meet customer needs
  • Personal customer relationship - McLays believes the best way to work is still through personal, face to face relationships and not a website or call centre