50 not out - McLays MD marks major milestone - 04/06/2014

After a visit to his local careers office in Cardiff in 1964, Ken Vaughan decided he wanted to work in print - and 50 years later he is probably thinking it was a good choice!

Joining Tudor Graphic, Ken started a 5 year apprenticeship as a compositor which gave him a passion for all things print.

After completing his apprenticeship, Ken joined McLays in 1970 to start his journey as a top salesman - and a pretty good estimator too!

After being appointed to the board in 1984, Ken and John Davies led a management buy-out in 1985 which saw Ken become Sales Director. With John’s retirement in 1998, Ken became the majoirty shareholder and Managing Director.

Since then, under Ken’s leadership and vision, McLays have diversified and evolved to offer a wide range of services, with litho print still at the core.

Family, suppliers, staff and customers (both current and former) share in congratulating Ken on his remarkable journey and thank him for everything he has done to nurture, support and guide them.

Here’s to the next 50!!!