1801 - Zecharias B(evan) Morris established a printing company in Swansea.

1818 - Shon Shincyn, a famous Welsh preacher, purchased the business from Zecharias B(evan) Morris.

1831 - Shon Shincyn transferred the printing press to Cardiff. His two sons, John and Llewelyn Jenkins, entered the business.

1844 - Llewelyn Jenkins, the sole remaining proprietor, sold the business to William Owen and Robert Roberts.

1854 - Williams Jones purchased the company from William Owen. Upon his death, his wife continued the business and was succeeded by their son, Herbert William Jones.

1898 - Scotsman Archibald McLay acquired the business from Herbert William Jones.

1902 -The company incorporated with limited liability and traded for the first time as A. McLay and Company Limited.

1949 - Continuing the Scottish connection, McLays acquired by Pickering & Inglis Ltd. of Glasgow.

1968 - Cyril McLay (son of Archibald McLay) appointed chairman, the position he held until his death in 1980.

1981 - Pickering & Inglis merged with Marshall, Morgan and Scott of London which formed Marshall Pickering Holdings Ltd. under the chairmanship of William Fitch. Both companies were respected Christian book publishing companies.

1983 - Marshall Pickering Holdings sold to the Zondervan Corporation of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - a Wall Street quoted Christian publisher and retailer, led by Mr Jim Buick, President of Zondervan.

1985 - McLays acquired from Zondervan in a management buy-out led by Managing Director John Davies and Sales Director Ken Vaughan

1995 - Following the retirement of John Davies his shares were purchased and distributed to senior management.

1997 - McLays moved from Fairwater to the current purpose built 53,000 sq ft site at Forest Farm next to junction 32 of the M4.

1998 - McLays acquired the shares of Cardiff based Qualitex Printing Limited with the transfer of 42 staff to the Forest Farm site.

2004 - McLays established an autonomous company, DCC, on a separate site in Cardiff to offer business continuity services to contracted customers.

2005 - McLays and its directors took a 39% stake in the establishment of retail specialist CCS McLays at its Forest Farm site.

2010 - CCS McLays relocated its warehouse facility to a 60,000 sq ft facility in Blackwood.

2011 - McLays launched MiPost Hybrid Mail and MiPost Downstream Access.